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      3. Baguio Green Group (Stock Code: 1397.HK)

        Behind Baguio’s success is a team of professional staff who possesses different skill sets and areas of expertise.  We have:

        • Qualified Arborists
        • Horticulturists
        • Environmental Specialists
        • Safety Officers
        • Safety Supervisors
        • Recognition of Prior Learning (Property Management Industry) – Management of Cleaning Work (Level 4)
        • Recognition of Prior Learning (Property Management Industry) – Horticultural Work Management (Level 4)
        • Professional Trainers
        • Quality Assurance Inspectors
        • ISO Internal Auditors
        • Certified Public Accountants
        • Legal Practitioners
        • Experienced Vehicle Mechanics
        • MBA Holders & Management Experts
        • Human Resources Professionals
        • Procurement Professionals
        • IT Specialists
        • Confined Space Competent Persons and Workers
        • Certified Gondola Operators
        • Cleaning Supervisors Certificate Holders
        • Landscaping Skills Certificate Holders
        • Pest Control and Management Certificate Holders